PikDame's goal is to offer a complete and professional service for equestrian enthusiasts. This is acheived through the ability and experience of the PikDame team, the quality of the facilities and our unique vision.

The PikDame team offers competition training for horse and rider in both Dressage and Jumping. Our team allows us to offer our clients complete tuition, the planning of training work-outs, taking pupils to competitions, the setting of feeding plans and everything required to acheive our clients' goals.

Our riders school young horses, catering to the needs and preferences of our clients. Thus establishing a solid base on which to develop our relationship with the horse either as a future top sport-horse or as a reliable companion for leisure riding.

Our team will guide and help you in your search to find a suitable horse based on your personal needs and demands. We consistently work towards our costumers' satisfaction throughout the decision making process.

We offer a travel service to Germany where our team has a wide range of selected horses from youngsters to Grand Prix and with all the vet controls. We will help and guide you in situ to find and ride the horse of your dreams. Providing all the logistics, with travel, accommodation and guidance to all of the different centres.


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